Remote computer assistance
around the world

Use Skype and TeamViewer for help on any device

Ease of use

It is easy to get remote computer help without special knowledge — all you need is just 2 programs: one for communication, the second for connecting to your device

Cheap rates

Only $20 per hour. Payment by bank card through the convenient PayPal service: you choose the number of hours you need, pay, and after payment, a specialist connects to you and does all the necessary work

Help around the world

No matter what country you are in, our experts will help you fix all your problems on your device. It is enough to have a stable internet connection — wired or wireless

Any time (day or night)

Remote computer assistance is provided at any time of the day or night, in any weather, regardless of weekends or holidays

Used for any device

Remote Assistance is available for various devices with various operating systems: Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. It can be PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

Using a translator

If we do not speak your language, we can use Google Translate — a service that will allow us to understand each other in the shortest possible time.

Working on a PC just got easier

Enjoy working online
24/7 technical support at your fingertips

If you have a problem with your device — it starts to freeze, or viruses appear, you know where to turn


Everything is very simple

Brief instructions for using the service.
You do not need to have special knowledge to get help

Choose the amount of time you need
Pay for them using PayPal, at the rate of 1 hour = $20
Install Skype on your device
Install TeamViewer on your device
Write in the Skype your ID in TeamViewer
Ensure a stable internet connection while you work
What problems can be solved with remote assistance?

Your problems will quickly disappear!

What can be done with the TeamViewer remote support module? Among the many computer problems, remote administration of your device can solve the following problems:

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Count the benefits of using remote assistance!

Remote assistance saves more than just money

What other benefit will you get from using remote computer assistance? Calculate for yourself:

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TeamViewer for Windows


TeamViewer for macOS


TeamViewer for Linux


Skype for Windows


TeamViewer for Chrome OS


Skype for Mac


TeamViewer for Raspberry


TeamViewer for Android


TeamViewer for iOS


Skype for Linux DEB


Skype for Linux RPM


Skype for Linux SNAP


Skype for Android


Skype for iPhone


Skype for Kindle Fire HD


Reviews about our work

Read what real clients say about our work

Some of the files I needed for work stopped opening on my laptop. Remote computer help specialists helped me solve the problem in an hour, although I spent half a day on it

Lara Erickson

Ziff Corporation

I didn’t use anti-virus software for a long time, and one day I downloaded a virus to my computer — a lot of problems appeared. Specialists remotely removed viruses from my computer and helped me install some programs

Lucy Pratt

Loraine Design

Recently, my computer began to slow down a lot — the browser opened tabs slowly, programs hung. I contacted remote computer help. I have optimized my computer and now it flies

Edward Aaron

Aaron and son

Pay easily and simply!

Pay with secure and internationally renowned PayPal service. You can pay with a card on a site that uses a secure connection using the HTTPS protocol. PayPal is the official payment method for eBay.


Our Team

Learn a little more about our team members

Andrew Orlov

Certified IT Specialist

For more than 10 years, he has been providing technical support to clients around the world. He is an official certified specialist of Intel, Google Cloud, Waze.

Vladlen Eisenstein

Information technology specialist

He is engaged in technical support of cloud storage, as well as administration of server equipment in a large data center. Server Administration Specialist.

Christopher Vanderberg

Information Security Specialist

He is engaged in searching for leaks in information systems, as well as making recommendations for their elimination. Diploma in Information Security

Zakkari Winlash

System Administrator

He is engaged in system administration of large companies, as well as administration of servers around the world. Able to set up your server without leaving home

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