Tariffs for remote assistance services

Remote computer assistance

Choose between three monthly plans:  



Remote computer assistance:

  • Connecting via TeamViewer
  • Communication via Skype
  • Available for individuals




This is the best choice for businesses who want to see rapid results:

  • Remote support through any software, for example AmmyAdmin instead of TeamViewer
  • Communication through any services – Whatsapp, Viber, ICQ, etc.
  • Possibility to pay via bank transfer, payment via other payment systems is available




Additional list of services:

  • Server administration (Dedicated administration)
  • Setting up a virtual server (VPS/VDS administration)
  • Smart home system administration
  • Testing for Penetration (Pentest)
  • Penetration testing (Blackbox, Whitebox)


Our Guarantee

We guarantee 100% confidentiality of the information we receive: we are not interested in what content is on your device — our task is to help you ensure that your device functions 100%, documents open, programs work, etc.  

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